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Remembering a great man....

Here I sit on the eve of a very dismal day in my life. I sit back and think of my father, Delaney L Williams Sr. I sit back on this day and remember it like it was yesterday. They day that changed my family a lot. 

But I won’t address how I felt that day or even how I feel right now. I will talk about the man himself. A man that even with a disability he was capable of anything , that he put his mine too.  A man that never used his disability as a crutch stating that he could not be successful. But instead, used it as a strength. He was loved by many and disliked by a few(which I have not met anyone yet). He was a true man of GOD and believed through Christ , he can do all things. I can talk about this man all day and still not get to even half of who he was. I’m opening this blog to the public. So if you have any memories about this great man, please share.